Engagement Session

Dana and Alex

As they’re driving in the car, Dana looks over at Alex and thinks about the wonderful breakfast they just had and how she was excited to get out for a walk. Alex was thinking the same thing but had a few more things on his mind. As they pull into the parking lot and get out for a walk, Dana thinks she recognizes something. As her and Alex walk closer, her suspicions were right! It was both of their dogs already there at the park! She realizes one of the dogs has a backpack on and has a speaker playing music. Suddenly, another suspicion starts to rise in her…. Next she sees her other dog has a kerchief and a gorgeous ring. As emotions start to well up, Alex takes the ring and proposes to Dana! She said yes!

Dana and Alex both grew up around the same area by the Minnesota river and the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge. However, these two didn’t meet growing up and in fact didn’t meet until after they had both traveled and lived across the country and world! Alex spent some time in Alaska, Dana spent some time on the East coast, and they both have some amazing stories! So when deciding on a location for their engagement session, they knew they wanted to go back to their roots. Alex has some wonderful, fond memories of riding bike across the Old Cedar Bridge and fishing in the river, and we love it when locations are so special for couples! The MN Valley Wildlife Refuge has some wonderful areas of prairie, marsh, and of course, the bridge.

We had a blast with these two during their session! Both Dana and Alex had contagious smiles and Alex kept Dana laughing the whole session. Alex has a great sense of humor and is truly hilarious and witty! Dana is so sweet, caring and loving and these two together are so fun, genuine, and bright! Speaking of bright, we absolutely love their bold color choices for their second outfit! It is just such a wonderful reflection of their personalities and looks amazing beyond question! We’re so happy for you two and are so excited for your wedding!

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