I'm so excited you're here! I'm a photographer based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I specialize in wedding photography, but also love to work with seniors and families! While I'm local to MN, I travel all over the US for engagements and weddings. My photography style is bright and vibrant, and I use a unique mixture of candid and styled poses to capture joyful, genuine, and timeless images. My mission is to create memories for you to cherish for a lifetime!

When I'm not working, my perfect day would start with an early morning hike, preferably exploring a new place, with stopping at an overlook to take the view in (but really it's to stop for snacks)! I'm also a big family person, so a day at the lake in the MN summers with family is a day in paradise!

About me

Hi! I'm Erica

I have a goal to visit all 50 states. Right now, I'm at 40 and I hope to experience all 50 by the time I'm 50 years old!


I love a great read and am always looking for great new books! Pictured is one of my favorite series - The Golden Compass


I love the outdoors - hiking, biking, running, sunsets, reading and relaxing in a hammock, camping, rock climbing, and the list goes on! Pictured is my lovely hubby, Neil!

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I have too many cats, well just 3, but sometimes they have so much energy it seems like more, but I always have a lap cat for editing photos! 


My Favorite Things

Photography has always been a love of mine, and one of my favorite parts of photographing people is capturing true emotions and feelings. I love it when clients can look at a picture from 10 years ago, and still feel the same emotions from that day through the photograph!

My Favorite Things:

More about me

Spending time during the beautiful MN summers at the lake with my family


A good hike with a great view at the top of a mountain


Cheering on MN Gopher Volleyball!


Friends! It's on in the background on most days and when I finish Season 10 episode 17, I start all over again!

Harry Potter! I didn't read the books until I was 26 (when everyone else read them 10 years earlier) and now I've read the series through at least 7 times! 

I love to garden, especially growing herbs to be able to use in cooking year round and when flavoring my homemade kombucha!

Good coffee! I have an espresso machine and love making coffee at home and getting creative with it!