Katie & Ben October 2020 Katie and Ben are enjoying their weekend at Vino in the Valley. It is a such a special place for them because it was where they had their first date! Ben planned for them to go on a sleigh ride and savor in the romantic winter scenery at the vineyard […]

Olivia Class of 2021 Meet Olivia! Olivia is such a kind person and has an awesome sense of humor! Olivia loves to hang out with her friends, go fishing, and loves her cat! Her cat also just had kittens, which I’m sure are so cute! Through school, Olivia has been able to take a few […]

Adam Class of 2021 Meet Adam! Adam likes to spend time outside, go camping, and play video games. He also loves to watch the vikings play in the fall and wants to become an electrician in his future career! He really enjoys hands on work and is currently able to take a construction class through […]

Hanah & Josh October 2020 It was Valentine’s day weekend and Hanah and Josh were taking a weekend getaway to Duluth. After checking into the hotel and getting into their room, Josh wanted Hanah to join him on the patio of their room. Josh wanted her to come look at one of the buildings he […]

September, 2020 Daina & Ian After a busy Christmas Eve and Day spent with family, Daina and Ian were able to get away together. They planned to take a romantic walk to the Historic Hanover Bridge as it was beautifully light up with lights for the holiday! They walked cuddled together on the chilly winter […]

Afton & Kevin Afton and Kevin had an adventure filled trip planned for her golden birthday. They packed up their car and headed up to Cuyuna Country State Recreation Center. Both Afton and Kevin were so excited to spend Afton’s birthday mountain biking and enjoying the lake at the resort! However, Kevin’s excitement was a […]

Taylor & Jacob The college years are such a wonderful time of personal growth, learning, and developing lifelong friendships. For Taylor and Jacob, developing lifelong friendships started in their first year! In their freshman and sophomore year, they had the same friend group and were both involved with marching band and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship campus […]

Holly Class of 2021 Meet Holly! Holly is so creative, sharp, and kind person! She loves to solve puzzles, do photography, and is learning how to play the ukulele! Holly also is very active with being involved with tech crew theater, the Color Guard, and she wants to go into either veterinary science or sound […]

Wedding planning during a pandemic can be so difficult with so many unknowns. We understand how difficult it can be to make decisions when so much feels like it is out of your control. It can also be so hard to not have everything you originally planned – especially when not all of your loved […]

Grace Class of 2021 Meet Grace! Grace is an enthusiastic and energetic individual who has a very contagious smile! She is incredibly creative and loves to dance, paint, and sing. Grace also has a very strong work ethic and wants to go into the medical field for her future career with specifically creating medicines. With […]


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