Our Adventures

Behind the Lens

Hi There! We’re Erica & Neil.

We are a wife and husband team currently based out of Minneapolis, MN. We love fun adventures, traveling to new places, meeting people and learning about their unique experiences, which is a big part of why we love photography!


How we Met

We met at Whitewater State Park in southeastern MN while Erica was on a summer camping trip with her family while Neil was working as an intern park ranger at Whitewater. So yes, Neil met and spent time with my entire family the weekend we met each other! It was a bit embarrassing for recent college grad girl! Our first date after that weekend was at a place called the Wow Zone where Erica beat Neil pretty badly bowling and laser tag, and then Neil returned the favor playing mini-golf! That fall, we made a few trips back to Whitewater and fell in love among the beautiful bluffs, trails, and scenery. About a year later, Neil proposed at Whitewater on a camping trip and we could only think of one gorgeous place to get to married – Whitewater State Park!


Photography has always been a love of mine – from playing with my mom’s camera to finally saving up enough to buy my own in middle school.

Here are some quick facts about me:

I love spending time during the beautiful MN summers at the lake with my family

I love a good hike with a gorgeous view at the top

I’m more of a mountain girl than a beach girl¬†

I love cheering on MN Gopher Volleyball!


My photography interests started as a kid with nature and wildlife photography. In the springtime, you can find me along the bluffs of the Mississippi River taking pictures of migratory birds (my first nickname from Erica’s family was Nature Boy)!

Here are some other quick facts about me:

I love spending time up on the north shore in every season

I enjoy gardening and cooking with fresh ingredients

My favorite movie (and movie soundtrack) is The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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