I photograph weddings around the US but my home is Minnesota. While I specialize in weddings and engagements, I also love shooting senior portraits! I'm so excited you're here and for you to take a look around the blog! 

Hi, I'm Erica

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Emily & Abby Class of 2023 Meet Abby & Emily! These two are twins who both love to hand out with friends in their free time and be creative! Beyond that, these two are so much fun! Abby is extremely kind, loves animals and art, and likes to go hammocking! Abby loves to read and […]

Peace Rock Garden Senior Pictures

Peace Rock Garden Senior Pictures_Erica Johanna Photography
Golden Noerenberg Gardens Senior Pictures_Erica Johanna Photography

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Jade Class of 2023 Meet Jade ~ Class of 2023! Jade is a very motivated person who is active in student government in her school and loves to volunteer her time. She has incredible communication skills, the ability to adapt to other’s needs and she loves learning about the mind and behavior. So it makes […]

Golden Noerenberg Gardens Senior Pictures

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Lily Class of 2023 Meet Lily! Lily is very involved in her school and is so determined towards the things she is passionate about like skiing and music. She is the alpine ski team and loves slalom downhill racing! In fact, Lily hopes to become a prosthetist in order to prosthetist in order to help […]

Noerenberg Gardens Senior Portraits

Noerenberg Memorial Gardens Senior Portraits_Erica Johanna Photography
Dreamy Senior Portraits_Erica Johanna Photography

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Sylvie Class of 2023 Sylvie is an incredibly creative person who is really passionate about music and art. She loves to make all kinds of art, but has a knack for making amazing resin pieces with wonderfully beautiful designs! During our first meet and greet, she showed me a couple and they were marvelous! Sylvie […]

Dreamy Senior Portraits

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Angelina Class of 2022 At 8 years old, Angelina started dancing and immediately she was in love. Dancing allowed her to be unique and dive into her artsy aesthetic. Then in middle school, she started Ballet and knew she was where she belonged. Through ballet, she was able to focus on technique and form and […]

Downtown Saint Paul Senior Portraits

Arneson Acres Fall Senior Portraits_Erica Johanna Photography

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Sydney CLASS OF 2022 Meet Sydney! Sydney loves music, baking, and spending time with her friends. She’s also super fun, energetic, and loves to travel! For Sydney’s Arneson Acres fall senior portraits, we had incredible weather for the first weekend in November in Minnesota! And the fall colors were still popping in the most gorgeous […]

Arneson Acres Fall Senior Portraits

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Rachel Class of 2022 Meet Rachel! Rachel is kind, caring and selfless. She’s also super fun, energetic, and loves to travel! This year in school, she is playing tennis and golf, and she loves to be active. After high school, Rachel wants to become an elementary school teacher so that she can make a really […]

Saint Paul Senior Portraits

Saint Paul Senior Portraits
Hudson Senior Session_Erica Johanna Photography

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Johnathan Class of 2022 Meet Johnathan! He is a happy go lucky guy and he has such a great ability to find joy in anything! Johnathan likes to spend time outside, go hunting and fishing, and he also likes to travel! Johnathan loves playing sports and also is an Eagle Scout, and this fall, he […]

Hudson Senior Session

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Nicole Class of 2022 Meet Nicole! Nicole is super fun, energetic, and loves to travel and go camping! Her favorite place she’s ever been is Australia and we had such a great time dreaming about places to travel and adventures to have! Nicole also runs cross country and track and does cross-country skiing in the […]

Peace Garden Senior Session

Peace Garden Senior Session_Erica Johanna Photography

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Lauren Class of 2021 Meet Lauren! Lauren is a joyful, caring individual who is such a positive person! Lauren also loves art and to play soccer! Her favorite thing to do on a weekend is to go hiking – especially in the mountains. She’s contemplating going to school in Colorado, so that could be a […]

Joyful Senior Session