Engagement Session

Hanover Engagement Session

September, 2020

Daina & Ian

After a busy Christmas Eve and Day spent with family, Daina and Ian were able to get away together. They planned to take a romantic walk to the Historic Hanover Bridge as it was beautifully light up with lights for the holiday! They walked cuddled together on the chilly winter evening enjoying each others’ company and the gorgeous scenery of the Crow River. In that moment, it felt perfect – the type you never want to end and nothing could make it better because it had everything it needed. But Ian planned the one thing that would for sure keep that moment in their memories forever. He got down on one knee and asked Daina to marry him! Even though the bridge and the river had always been a significant location to them, it now had a new level of importance!

Daina and Ian have known each other for a long time. They met while working together at the Banana Republic Factory and they say folding clothes sparked their love! Daina and Ian love to do a variety of activities and are very active people with a variety of awesome interests! They love to exercise by hiking, running, and going to the gym. You can also find them cooking in the kitchen or trying different breweries to find their new favorite types of beer! Daina and Ian also love a good road trip! They did a road trip around Minnesota and they loved the North Shore most of all. Definitely makes us want to do that sometime to see all the beauty MN has to offer!

Hanover Engagement Session

As the Hanover Historic Bridge is such a meaningful location for Daina and Ian, it was the perfect place to start their Hanover engagement session! When looking at the forecast, it looked like it might rain but we all decided to go for it! And we’re so glad we did! While we did get a few rain showers during the session, it made for some really romantic shots under the umbrella! Plus it made so some cool looking skies later in the night at the Crow Hassan Park Reserve.

We had an absolute blast with Daina and Ian for their Hanover engagement session! Very early in the session, it was clear how much these two care for each other and how much of a wonderful relationship they have. They were both so energetic, personable, and up for anything! That combo made for some truly amazing shots! Daina and Ian definitely had the best ‘frolicking’ through the prairie we have ever seen! We were able to joke around with them and also chat about their interests and their work. Daina and Ian, we had a great time getting to know you two better and are so excited for your wedding next year!

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