Kristine and Lucas Intimate backyard wedding


Intimate Backyard Wedding

Kristine & Lucas

June 2021

A backyard wedding is a special event where families and friends are invited to help bring together two people in celebration of their love. This simple, yet stylish ceremony brings them closer as they share their feelings and memories in the company of their loved ones. It is an opportunity to show your love in a simple yet memorable way that reflects the value added by your commitment to one another in leading your lives together. Kristine and Lucas’ intimate backyard wedding was all of that and more. Everyone was so happy for these two and showed strong, meaningful connections to them!

Intimate Backyard Wedding

To start the day, we traveled to the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge for their bridal party portraits. The wildflowers were blooming beautifully for all of the photos and we’re in love with all of them! Then when it was time for their wonderful intimate backyard wedding, the clouds and rain decided to stay. Rain on a wedding day is considered good luck and these two were showered with love – not just from the rain but from all of their family and friends all day! Kristine & Lucas are bubbly, energetic, and just a blast to be around! These two have such an incredible air to them with their exuberance and enthusiasm! 

Kristine and Lucas, we had a blast capturing your wedding and Kristine, polka dancing with you will always be a top memory from a wedding for Erica!


Ceremony & Reception Venue | Peterson Chateau

Cake | Buttercream Creations

Catering | Big Bore Barbecue

Rings | Wedding Day Diamonds

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