Bride & Groom


Jennifer and Dylan

High School Sweethearts

Even though Jennifer and Dylan didn’t go to prom together or even the same high school, they do have pictures together at prom. Jennifer and Dylan had mutual friends and found themselves at the same prom. But little did they know they were so close to each other and all they needed were their paths to cross at the right time! After prom, they started to spend more time together and began dating shortly after that. Now they’ve been together for 9 years!

Golden Hour Prairie Shoot

When life gives you lemons, have a golden hour prairie shoot! While Jennifer and Dylan couldn’t do their wedding as originally planned, they still wanted to get officially married on their original date. So they decided to have a small backyard ceremony with a gorgeous golden hour prairie shoot! And we absolutely love their running off into the sunset shots and the love they share really shines through! Jennifer and Dylan took the unexpected events of the summer in stride and compromised in a great way, and next year they’ll celebrate in true fashion will all of their friends and family with a bigger wedding celebration.

We had so much fun working with Jennifer and Dylan! Jennifer is especially caring and her loving nature comes through when you are around her. Dylan is hilarious and it was so easy for him to keep Jennifer (and us!) laughing the whole time during the shoot. It was so wonderful to see them laugh together and it is clear they make each other so happy! It is true that even though things may not go as planned, there is always something positive. Jennifer and Dylan were able to easily find the positive! And their celebrations aren’t done yet! They are going to have a bigger wedding next summer where they can celebrate with everyone that was not able to join this year. We’re so excited to celebrate with them again next year!

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