Class of 2020

Meet Kaija!

Kaija has been dancing since she was 2 years old! She does ballet, jazz, tap, and lyrical, so we incorporated some ballet inspired moves for her senior pictures! She is also super bright with a bright future! This upcoming year, she will be doing her senior year at the University of Minnesota through the PSEO program! Kaija has a strong interest in genetics, so after high school she is interested in medical school or the healthcare field. She loves to learn and we have no doubt she’ll have a great year at the U!

When she isn’t doing schoolwork or dancing, she loves to bake! Specifically she loves to make cupcakes and cookies. If Kaija had one word to describe herself, it would be happy! She was smiling the whole session – so much so that is was hard for her to do the ‘serious’ pictures! Kaija has a very kind personality and we had a great time working with her for her senior pictures!

Kaija’s Session

We started in downtown Minneapolis in the morning to do Kaija’s ballet inspired shots, then headed to some waterfalls and…….. we got rained out!

The whole night prior to her session, I had been watching the weather forecast. First, 30% chance of rain. Then, 40% chance storms when I checked an hour later. Another hour later, back down to 30% chance of storms. So we decided to make a decision in the morning. I wake up and 10% chance of rain. I think, we’re all clear! So we start the session in Minneapolis and it is a gorgeous, beautiful morning. We finish up at that location and head to our cars, where we had parked in an underground lot.

As soon as we leave the lot and get out of the city, I see it. This massive storm cloud heading right at us. We get to the waterfall, and I estimate we have approximately 15 minutes before it hit us – I think it was more like 9 minutes, but boy did we get soaked! And I mean soaked! The building we were shooting by in Minneapolis was blocking our view of the impending storm, so we had no idea it was coming until we got out of the downtown area. So much for the 10% chance! But sometimes life throws you things, so you pick it up and keep going! Or in our case, dry off and get in warm clothes!

Also, that just meant we were lucky enough to see Kaija again! So, we met with Kaija a week later to finish her session at the waterfall and at an overlook of St. Paul. And we’re loving her fun, unique shots!

We wish you all the best in your senior year of high school and your bright future!

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