Engagement portrait of Drew & Lindsay

Engagement Session

Lindsay & Drew

Their Engagement

On a beautiful wintry day, Lindsay was enjoying the outdoors and little did she know her whole life was about to change. She was with a group of friends on a snowmobiling trip up north in Minnesota. Everyone was having a great time and had stopped back by where they were staying to take a break. Unfortunately, Drew recently had surgery on his shoulder and couldn’t snowmobile, but he had much bigger plans. Unlike himself, he asked Lindsay if she would like to take a picture together. For those of your who know Drew, he can sometimes be more shy and reserved.

In fact, he hadn’t shared his plans with hardly anyone. After his shoulder surgery while still a bit loopy, he did however tell the attending nurse that he had a ring and was planning to propose. The nurse was so happy for Drew! But she also wanted to make sure he didn’t accidentally tell Lindsay while he was still coming to, so she helped keep his secret.

After Drew asked Lindsay for a picture together, she was totally taken aback but so excited! She said yes right away, but again, little did she know this wouldn’t be the most important question she’d answer on that day. As they gave a friend their phone to take a picture, Drew pulled out the ring and for the second time that day, Lindsay was totally taken aback! She was so surprised and elated! So surrounded and supported by their friends, she said yes!

The Engagement Session

Drew and Lindsay love to spend time outdoors, and especially do anything that involves being on a lake. For their engagement session, Lindsay suggested Interstate State Park, which she grew up near. It is such a unique area on the border of MN and Wisconsin with amazing scenery! It is so beautiful and a great reflection of their interests of being outside together, especially by water.

We had a great time at their session with catching up with Drew and getting to know Lindsay! I grew in the same area as Drew and even went to daycare with his mom – hi DeDe! Our families did a lot of activities together throughout the years like camping and celebrating the 4th of July! So, it’s very special for us to be a part of their engagement session and their wedding later this year! Throughout the whole session, Drew & Lindsay showed a lot of genuine care for each other and made each other laugh often. And kudos to Lindsay for walking in heels on such rocky terrain! Lindsay & Drew, we’re so happy for you two and excited for your wedding!

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