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Senior Portraits

Peace Garden Senior Session


Class of 2022

Meet Nicole! Nicole is super fun, energetic, and loves to travel and go camping! Her favorite place she’s ever been is Australia and we had such a great time dreaming about places to travel and adventures to have! Nicole also runs cross country and track and does cross-country skiing in the winter. Right now in school, she has a strong interest in history and social studies, and loves learning about all aspects of those subjects! After high school, she is looking at going to school on the east coast and wants to be a pilot! Nicole is super bright, so I’m sure she’ll be successful in everything she does!

Peace Garden Senior Session

August 2021

For Nicole’s senior portraits, she wanted a location with a lot of greenery and something a little unique! So the Peace Rock Garden was a perfect location for her Peace Garden senior session. Plus, it is right across the road from the Lyndale Park Rose Garden. August is a great time for this location because all of the roses and flowers are in full bloom! I’m absolutely loving the close up shots with Nicole in front of the flowers and the ones with her amidst the rose bushes!

Nicole, I had such a great time working with you and love all of your images! Wishing you all the best in your senior year and beyond!

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