Snowy Afton Engagement Session_Erica Johanna Photography

Engagement Session

Snowy Afton Engagement Session

Marta & Jake

December 2022

For their first date, Jake asked Marta if she would like to go to the Stillwater Ice Castle where they could walk around the castle drinking hot chocolate getting to know each other. Marta was so impressed by his wonderful, romantic plan for their date that she couldn’t bear to tell him that she really doesn’t like being out in the cold. Even though it was zero degrees outside, they had an absolute blast! So much so that they ended up closing down the castles and talking in the parking lot until their toes were frozen. So despite the frigid weather, both Marta and Jake know it was totally worth it.

Together, Marta and Jake love spending time with their families and dog. They love to cook together and play games. Also, they both enjoy the outdoors but Marta is definitely more of a summer gal and Jake would be outside in all seasons. So their snowy Afton engagement session was perfectly fitting!

Snowy Afton Engagement Session

For someone who doesn’t enjoy the cold (or rather ‘hates the cold’ – her words!), Marta and Jake absolutely rocked their wintry session! Not only did we get some beautifully covered trees with snow, but it also started to snow at the end! It was so fun to see those two slip and slide through the snow and just totally enjoy each other’s company. Marta and Jake compliment each other so well and balance each other out. Jake grew up in the country; Marta is a city girl. With those different experiences growing up, they learn so much from each other and have so much fun experiencing new things together. Even though they had such different experiences growing up, their paths have converged and now they both work for bigger companies resulting in many similarities.

Marta and Jake, I had so much fun with you two and am so excited for your wedding this upcoming year!!


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