Michelle and Peter Frontenac Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Frontenac Engagement Session

Michelle & Peter

June 2021

One night, Peter wanted to go look at a trail camera for hunting. He asked Michelle to come along with him, but she declined because it was too cold outside. He said it would be nice if she came and asked her to come a few more times. She kept saying no and he kept pushing it. All of a sudden, she realized he was going to use this as a ruse to get her outside to propose to her. She knew right away she ruined it! Since the cat was out of the bag, Peter instead proposed right then in the bathroom of his house! She of course said yes!

Together, Michelle and Peter love to spend time outdoors going fishing, hiking, snowmobiling, and hunting. They love to travel together and watch movies together. One place they like to go together is to Frontenac State Park so it made for a perfect location for their engagement session!

Frontenac Engagement Session

We absolutely love southeastern MN and it was so great to get down there again! ⁠The prairie grass was so beautiful admits the bluffs and you can’t beat the overlook of the river! Normally at the beginning of June in MN, it’s finally getting up to a high of 70 – 85 degrees and everyone is rejoicing summer is here! But this year, MN set a record for the number of consecutive days of hitting highs above 90 degree! So when it came time for Michelle and Peter’s engagement session, we decided to push their session a little later in the evening to hopefully have the temps come down a bit. Well, Michelle and Peter didn’t let the heat beat them and we were rewarded with an amazing sunset at the end of their Frontenac engagement session!

Michelle & Peter have such a fun relationship and we had a great time getting to know these two better! These two are witty, joked all night long, and kept each other laughing! We had a great time and can’t wait for their wedding in August!

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