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Engagement Session

Golden Frontenac Engagement Session

Rachel & Michael

September 2021

After chatting on social media for a while, Rachel started to really feel something special. She wanted to set up a meeting, but it wasn’t just a little drive to meet this special someone. In fact, she needed to travel from Minnesota to Colorado in order to meet this extraordinary man named Michael. So after chatting with her family, they all decided to road trip to Colorado for a vacation so that Rachel and Michael could meet. So, technically their first date was hiking together with both of their families to Devil’s Head Lookout. Looking back on it now after being together 5 years of which 3 of those years were long distance, they love that they have great inside jokes and wonderful memories from their first date with their families!

When hearing about how these two met, we couldn’t help but reminisce about how Neil and I met. Similarly, Neil ‘dated’ my whole family when we first met. My family and I were on a camping trip to Whitewater State Park in southeastern Minnesota and Neil had an internship at the state park at the time. I thought he was super cute and wanted to talk to him, but I was so nervous! My family helped me get up the courage (i.e. bet me money) to talk to him! So while it may seem unconventional to have the whole family involved right away, it definitely doesn’t hurt to get approval from the get go!

Golden Frontenac Engagement Session

Rachel and Michael love being outside together whether that’s going for a walk, hammocking, or just enjoying the weather on a bench together. So for their engagement session, we wanted to feature some great outdoor places and we’re so in love with their images! The sun was absolutely perfect and these two has such an amazing energy between them! We had an incredible time and we’re so happy these two! Anyone who has been in a long distance relationship knows it is extremely trying at times but so rewarding during those moments together. The strengthening of the relationship during that time is incredible, and Rachel and Michael know all about it. But they have finally gotten to the sweet spot where they get to be in the same state together! In fact, the day after their golden Frontenac engagement session, they made the cross country trek to Colorado together!

Rachel and Michael, we’re so glad you made it to Colorado and we’re so excited for your wedding next year!

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