Fall Bayfield Engagement Session_Erica Johanna Photography

Engagement Session

Fall Bayfield Engagement Session

Allie & Dray

October 2021

While in graduate school, rooming with others in the same program just makes sense. Sometimes you get lucky with having more than your school program area as similar interests as your roomies and become great friends. And sometimes, similar interest and feelings are strong enough to lead to a first date! This was the case with Allie and Dray! For their first date, they went to lunch at a wonderful sandwich shop, explored the zoo, and finished the night with hanging out at a local brewery. They hit it off and started dating! Allie and Dray both love doing outdoorsy things, going to breweries, and they love to watch movies together. They also both work in natural resources and love spending time by and on Lake Superior.

Fall Bayfield Engagement Session

With Allie and Dray loving to spend time with Lake Superior, it just made perfect sense to do their session starting there! In fact, their engagement ring stone is an agate from Lake Superior. If you don’t know what agates are, they are stones that have a lot of layers with each layer or band being a different mineral. Agates in Lake Superior started to form about 1.1 billion years ago from the lava in the area. Which is also why we have black beaches and a lot of black rock in northern Minnesota. During the session, Allie and I bonded over both of us having a rock tumbler as kids to polish rocks to get them rounded and shiny!

For their fall Bayfield engagement session, we started on the South Shore with an amazing sunrise on the beach! Then we headed into Bayfield to the Iron Bridge Trail that goes over a beautiful creek area with an incredible view of Lake Superior. The colors were just starting to change, so we had some gorgeous color popping! We had a wonderful time getting to know Allie and Dray better during their session and it is clear they have such a caring relationship! They balance each other perfectly and it was so fun seeing these two laugh together! We loved chatting about all of our shared interests beyond rocks! 😄 They even kindly gave us great recommendations to hike in the area and we had a great time exploring the Bayfield, Wisconsin area!

Allie and Dray, we love all of your images and are so happy for you two! We’re so excited for your wedding next year!

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