Madeline Island Engagement Session_Erica Johanna Photography

Engagement Session

Madeline Island Engagement Session

Toria & Jordan

October 2021

Toria and Jordan first met through Toria’s sister who is married to Jordan’s best friend. After all 4 of them spent a lot of time together, Toria and Jordan started dating and hit it off! Together they love to do lots of active stuff together like playing volleyball, spikeball, and doing crossfit. Beyond that, they just have a blast together and make each other laugh so easily! Soon enough through dating, they both developed strong feelings for each other and talk of enjoying their lives together forever entered the conversation!

So Jordan started making plans for asking Toria one of the most important questions of their lives. He planned out a romantic evening and had Toria’s sister help him with making his plans come to life! First, Toria’s sister asked her to go on a walk one afternoon and by the time they got back, their back porch had been completely transformed! Jordan had decorated the pergola and had it beautifully light up. So all three of them sat down to share a meal together and quickly into the meal, Toria’s sister excused herself from the table. Meanwhile, Jordan and Toria enjoyed their evening together chatting and laughing. Before Toria knew it, Jordan was asking her to marry him! She of course said yes!

Madeline Island Engagement Session

For Toria and Jordan’s Madeline Island Engagement Session, we took advantage of the incredible scenery and an amazing fall evening! Not only are they just awesome people, they kept each other smiling and laughing even while we got rained on for a bit! They were up for anything and boy did it pay off! Their images are epic and we love every single one! But the skies after the rain cleared were absolutely incredible and we’re in love!

Toria and Jordan, we had a wonderful time getting to know you better and exploring the island with you! We’re so excited for your wedding next year!


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