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Engagement Session

Golden Prairie Engagement Session

Julie & John

June 2022

Throughout high school, Julie and John were friends and had a lot of similar interests. They both enjoy trying new foods, going out to the movies, and doing anything outside. Then, when they were on a church mission trip in Arizona together, they felt a spark. It was during that trip that they started sharing more with each other on a deeper level and really started to click. Soon their relationship blossomed and they became a couple who are best friends and can make each other laugh all the time!

When Julie and John traveled back to Arizona this past year, John knew that was the right time to ask Julie one of the most important questions of his life. He was so excited that he told his friend he was going to propose on New Year’s Eve but Julie’s cousin got so excited as well that a clue accidentally slipped out in front of her! So John changed his plan to New Year’s Day to throw Julie off the scent. That morning, they went for breakfast and for a walk. John was really nervous and could feel the ring box hidden in his sock. It was cold out so Julie kept wanting to leave, but he insisted not to go. Finally, with his heart beating fast, he took out the ring and got down on one knee! Julie was so supposed she spilled her coffee everywhere! Of course she said yes and now they are going to get married on New Year’s Eve later this year!

Golden Prairie Engagement Session

For their golden prairie engagement session, we had an absolutely perfect night! The clouds in the sky were amazing as was the rays coming through them from the sun! The prairie was so gorgeous as well as Julie and John! They rocked their session with running, twirling, and galavanting all the way! I’m loving all of their images!

Julie and John, I had such a great time with you two and am so excited for your wedding later this year!

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