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Engagement Session

Minnesota Prairie Engagement Session

Olivia & Allen

May 2022

It was a Friday afternoon and Allen had gotten home after a long, not so great day. In the process of the day, he was reflecting on his life and his relationship with Olivia. So he decided to write her a letter. When he got home, Allen explained to Olivia about his day and asked if she would read the letter he wrote. Olivia quickly agreed and started reading the incredible words he wrote. It was such a sweet letter and as she got close to the end, her eyes jumped to the bottom of the page and she read ‘Will you marry me?’. She promptly looked up and Allen was down on knee knee and asked if she would make him the luckiest guy in the world, but she was already shaking her head yes from the first word!

Olivia and Allen love to go to sporting events, exploring nature, and they both love to go on walks with Teddy, just a super sweet pup! So for their Minnesota prairie engagement session, we wanted to make sure we incorporated nature and Teddy!

Minnesota Prairie Engagement Session

After having to postpone their session a week due to some rainy Minnesota spring weather, we were blessed with incredible weather for their session! The sunshine on these two was incredible and I’m loving all of the images! Olivia and Allen are both incredibly kind and always have a smile on their face – especially when they are looking at each other. Together, they unconditionally support each other and get to live their best lives with their best friend. It is clear from their session that they easily make each other laugh and the love between them is so apparent!

Olivia and Allen, I had such a great time getting to know you and had a blast with you two for your engagement session! I’m so happy for you two and so excited for your wedding later this year!

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