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Minneapolis Graduation Portraits


College Graduate 2022

Growing up, Haylee often heard her parents and grandparents talk about wanting to go to college. Her grandpa would show cattle at the Minnesota State Fair every year and would drive by Hamline University. Every time he drove by, he thought about his dream to go to law school there, but it just wasn’t in the cards for him. When Haylee got into high school and wanted to go to college, she decided she wanted to head to the east coast. Through the process of looking at schools, her mom encouraged her to go visit Hamline because of her grandpa. Haylee had reservations, but went anyways to visit and ended up falling in love. Then while on the campus tour, there was a statue with the same name as their dog, so it just felt like it was meant to be!

So ultimately Haylee chose to go to college and Hamline because of her grandparents and ended up being able to fulfill her and her grandpa’s dream. She is graduating with a major in Legal Studies and Social studies with a future career ideally in trial law with civil litigation. While at Hamline, she loved being on the mock trial team and she also earned her paralegal certificate. Not only did she do all of that, but she is also currently working on her Master’s degree! So for her Minneapolis graduation portraits, we wanted to make sure to highlight all of her achievements.

Minneapolis Graduation Portraits

For Haylee’s session, we had a blast with playing around with her dog, Storm, and I loved working with all of her honor cords! We had absolutely perfect weather and just an incredible Friday night for her session! Then to finish her session out, we had a blast popping some champagne to celebrate all of her hard work!

Haylee, as a first generation college grad, all of your hard work has absolutely paid off and I’m sure your family is so incredibly proud of you! Congratulations!

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