Romantic Montana Engagement

Engagement Session

Romantic Montana Engagement Session

Janey & Logan

Janey & Logan are two of the best people anyone will ever meet. Their energy and laughter are infectious and they are so kind and compassionate, but their best traits are amplified when they are together. Janey & Logan met while working at Mayo in Rochester, MN both in Dermatology. They bonded over mutual interests of biking, tacos, and all of the things of being active. In the last year, Logan’s career moved him out to Helena, Montana. When Janey & Logan went out to find a place to live, they hiked up Mount Helena one morning. At the top with the amazing scenery, Logan proposed to Janey. So it was very fitting that we did their romantic Montana engagement session on the way up and atop Mount Helena. 

Janey & Erica

I distinctly remember being at the Maple River track complex warming up for long jump and seeing this this one, really pretty girl. After watching her take her first jump, I thought to myself…..holy cow this girl can jump! So, technically Janey and I met in high school competing for rival schools in track and field, but it wasn’t until we were on the same team in college that we really got to know each other. In college, she still continued to amaze me, and she inspired me with her heptathlon abilities, dedication, and determination. Some of my favorite memories of track and field were practices with Janey for the various events in the heptathlon with our awesome coach Heidi and our other awesome hep member, Laura.

When Janey started telling me about Logan, it was clear this was something special. Then after meeting Logan and seeing them together, it was obvious. We are so happy for these two and are loving their romantic Montana engagement session!

The Romantic Montana Engagement Session

When looking at the weather the week leading up to the session, it was not looking so great. Cold and snow-lots of it. Every day the forecast changed. Cold and rain. Cold and feet of snowfall predicted. Back to just rain. So we all decided that we would just have to take whatever comes and be flexible!  We originally wanted to get to the top of Mount Helena by sunset, but it ended up being much better weather earlier. So, we started early afternoon and the sun even peaked out for a bit for us! Shortly after getting to the top, the rain came and a fog set in, which ended up making for some amazing, romantic photos. Then, the temps dropped and the snow started to fall for the rest of the weekend, but not nearly as much as predicted!

We had so much fun with Janey & Logan and are so honored to be their photographers for their upcoming wedding in 2020. On the way up the mountain, we were hiking behind this woman who stopped for a bit. When we caught up to her, she asked if we were the group who was laughing so much while hiking. She was so sweet in saying she loved hearing us having a wonderful time- and I credit a lot of it to Logan’s wittiness and cleverness along with just his pure happiness with being with Janey. We’re so happy for these two and excited for them to begin their lives together in Montana!

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