Senior Portraits

Shayla’s Senior Portraits


Class of 2020

Meet Shayla! Shayla loves the Minnesota Twins and her favorite thing to do on the weekends is go watch them play. When she isn’t watching baseball, she’s on the basketball court. This is her last year playing in high school, and she may be continuing to play collegiate basketball. But, this is her first year running cross country! We were excited when she told us this because running sports are near to our hearts. Both of us ran cross country and track and coached for a bit after college, so it was great getting to hear Shayla’s experience with her first time in the sport!

If Shayla had one word to describe her personality, it would be conscientious. She pays attention to details, which is a part of why she excels in much of what she does! She is doing PSEO this year at the University of Minnesota, which is a program that takes only the top students! While she is undecided on where she wants to go to college right now, we know she’ll be great wherever she goes!

Shayla’s Session

For Shayla’s senior portraits, we started at Lake Nokomis and then went to the Longfellow Gardens. On our way to Lake Nokomis, it was raining pretty steadily and we were just hoping it would let up. All day it had been overcast, but the forecast wasn’t calling for rain. By the time we got to Nokomis, it was a very light rain and it soon stopped. We were all so pumped that the weather cleared up for us and we even got to see the sun at the very end of the session at the Longfellow Gardens! At the gardens, there were so many hummingbirds! They were loving all the flowers, flying through us, and were such a fascination to watch while we were there! One even sat still for a bit as seen below in a picture!

Throughout Shayla’s session, we had so much fun doing some movement posing and it was so great seeing her jump right in and having fun with it too! Shayla’s favorite color is yellow and I think it matches her personality really well- full of sunshine and happiness!

We wish you all the best in your future, Shayla!

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