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Wedding Planning During a Pandemic

Wedding planning during a pandemic can be so difficult with so many unknowns. We understand how difficult it can be to make decisions when so much feels like it is out of your control. It can also be so hard to not have everything you originally planned – especially when not all of your loved ones can attend your incredibly special day.

As Neil always says, there are many things in life you don’t have control over, so you just have to do the best you can with what you’re given! So far this year in 2020, we have had the privilege to be included in weddings during these uncertain times. Through this, we feel like there are a few key things to focus on while wedding planning during a pandemic to keep the fun and excitement rolling! After all, you just have to do the best with the situation you are given!

Tips for Wedding Planning During a Pandemic

1. Focus on the positives

There are so many wonderful experiences you get to look forward to on your wedding day! When things just don’t go as planned, you can still find the positives. We have seen some truly beautiful intimate ceremonies and receptions this summer. These intimate weddings give family and close friends the opportunity to spend a lot of quality time together. There are also more chances to play games, dance, and connect with close family and friends during the reception! You can even make some aspects of your wedding day more personalized due to having a smaller guest list. Maybe you love to travel and now you can do a little more travel on your wedding day for bride and groom photos!

Having trouble focusing on the positives? Talk with your vendors to get some ideas! Wedding planning is very exciting, but it can also be somewhat overwhelming – especially during a pandemic! We always love being creative in wedding planning and photography and one of our goals is to help make your planning simple yet fun! We feel that not only do you deserve beautiful images, you also deserve an amazing photographic experience. This still rings true while wedding planning during a pandemic, so reach out to us if you ever need anything!

2. Focus on the meaning of the day

It is so important to remember what the day is truly all about – your marriage! We hope wedding planning is enjoyable, but it is important to remember that your marriage is more important than the wedding. At the end of the day, the small details you choose won’t matter nearly as much as the memories you make together. The wedding will come and go in a day but your marriage needs to stand the test of time. Continue to make time for one another even with all that needs to get done. Continue to try new things together as a couple, and continue to talk about your wonderful futures together. That way, your wedding will be something you’ll look back fondly on for years and years to come.

3. Schedule something to look forward to!

Some days though, you’re just going to feel down about all the unwanted changes. So we suggest to schedule something to look forward to like a pre-bridal shoot! For Janey & Logan, this was something to get them excited again! Janey decided to get a second beautiful white dress and Logan decided to buy a cowboy hat and boots! It was something he had always wanted and this was the perfect opportunity to show them off!

Therefore, we planned a fun trip to Glacier a few days before their true wedding day to catch the sunrise and create some amazing memories! Waking up at 4am (3:30am for Janey & Logan) was absolutely worth it! Plus it felt like we had the park to ourselves and we were finishing right when it was starting to get busy! The shoot was such a great way for Janey & Logan to re-connect before their wedding day, relax, and have some fun – even if it was early! It was an opportunity for them to forget about the negatives and enjoy such a gorgeous location at Glacier National Park!

So, if you are are feeling down, plan something fun or different! It doesn’t have to be a pre-wedding shoot, but they sure are amazing and memorable!

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