Senior Portraits

Whimsical Senior Portraits


Class of 2021

Meet Grace! Grace is an enthusiastic and energetic individual who has a very contagious smile! She is incredibly creative and loves to dance, paint, and sing. Grace also has a very strong work ethic and wants to go into the medical field for her future career with specifically creating medicines. With her drive to help people and her strong work ethic, we know she’ll be successful in everything she does!

Whimsical Senior Portraits

Grace describes herself as playful and we would definitely agree with her whimsical senior portraits! Grace wanted locations with open prairie and I’m absolutely loving the choice! For a little bit, it looked as though a storm was going to roll in, but we just had a few rain drops! And then the sun peaked out for a bit to create some amazing skies! Absolutely loving the shots with the sun peaking through!

I had so much fun working with you, Grace, and I wish you all the best in your senior year and your future!

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