Engagement Session

Audrey & Jeb

He took her hand and told her to follow. She knew this was a special place, as it was where they had their first date. In the distance, she could see something was set up. As they kept walking, his heart started beating faster, but he was so confident and excited. As they neared their destination, she could see a picnic was set up. With excitement rising, Audrey saw a board set up at the picnic that read, “Marry Me!” and she turned to see Jeb down on one knee. She said yes and they popped the champagne to celebrate!

High School Sweet Hearts

Growing up near each other, Audrey and Jeb’s families were naturally acquaintances. So Audrey & Jeb grew up as childhood friends and classmates. Being on the cross-country ski team together in high school, their friendship strengthened and they starting dating in their junior year and in their senior year, they were captains of the team together. In this time, their teammate bond, leadership, and ability to work together transitioned into their relationship and is part of what makes them so strong!

These two share the same care for their families, passion for the outdoors, and love for dogs! Both Audrey and Jeb love to go hiking and camping, are energetic, fun, and so adventurous! In fact, their honeymoon will be a road trip covering almost all of the western states of the US! For that, they built a pullout kitchen that expands from the back of their car, which is super neat, and they have a tent that gets set up on top of the car! Their trip sounds amazing and we’re so pumped they will get to see some of the most beautiful national parks! We had so much fun chatting about the best places to go camping and exploring, and so much more during their engagement session!

Their Engagement Session

Their engagement session at the gorgeous Noerenberg Memorial Gardens was absolutely amazing! The flowers are so beautiful and their golden hour shots towards the end of the session are simply wonderful! These two brought so much energy to their session and just had so much fun with each other the whole time! Beyond having a great time getting to know Audrey & Jeb better and getting some great shots, we absolutely love the story of their engagement ring. Audrey’s parents designed the ring in honor of her birth and actually picked up the ring on the way to the hospital for the birth of Audrey! Audrey’s mom wore the stunning ring along with other rings designed for their children, and now that special ring has become Audrey’s engagement ring! We love how unique and meaningful this ring is to signify the never ending circle of love. So from childhood friends to high school sweethearts, these two will become husband and wife later this year and we’re so excited for them!

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  1. Joan olson says:

    Gorgeous pictures of two beautiful people. So much in love..

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