Spring Blooms Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Spring Blooms Engagement Session

Miranda & Donovan

May 2021

Miranda was so excited to be going a first date, but something came up and she had to reschedule. Even though she was disappointed, she was able to squeeze in the date to her busy schedule right before leaving for a week long school trip. As she was getting ready for the date, she was getting nervous, but had a good feeling about him and couldn’t wait to meet! From the moment she met Donovan, they clicked right away and even closed down the restaurant on their first date! They bonded quickly by talking about their interests, school, hobbies, and Buffy. Buffy is Donovan’s service dog and was a big part of their lives. While they both love dogs in general, Buffy was truly special! After hitting it off, Miranda and Donovan talked daily until they could meet again. The two couldn’t wait and met up again the night that Miranda returned from her trip. And the rest is history!

Their Engagement

Miranda was expecting a fun New Year’s Eve with Donovan’s family playing games and eating snacks. However, she got much more than that! They watched the ball drop together and had a sip of champagne right at midnight. In the first seconds of the new year, Donovan looked to Miranda and told her how great their first year together was and how amazing he thinks she is. Miranda felt the same way! To Miranda’s surprise, Donovan pulled out a ring! Ready to start the rest of their lives together just after midnight, Donovan asked Miranda to marry him. Of course, she said yes!

Together, Miranda and Donovan are very adventurous. Some of their favorite activities are watching and going to Twins and Wild games, listening to true crime podcasts, scrapbooking, going to the movies, DIY crafts, shopping, breweries, trying new restaurants, and going on road trips. They love to spend time together outdoors and it doesn’t even matter what the activity is! They are particularly happiest outdoors, whether it be at a park, trail, lake, or even in their backyard – as long as they are together! Miranda and Donovan are an easy going couple but both lead very busy lives! Miranda is graduating from school to be a nurse and wants to specialize in women’s health. Donovan is going to school with technology and aerospace hydroponics with agriculture (growing plants in space). Both Donovan and Miranda are very kind hearted, caring bright, and so patient with all those around them.

Spring Blooms Engagement Session

For Miranda and Donovan’s spring blooms engagement session, we had absolutely perfect weather and a perfect blooming tree for photos! We’re absolutely loving how the tree frames them and it was so much fun to have their session time out wonderfully for the tree blooms! We had a blast with these two traversing all over downtown St. Paul. Miranda and Donovan, it was such a joy getting to know you two better and we’re so excited for your wedding next year!

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